To begin with, let’s review technical analysis on Wilmar International Ltd that I shared during a Saturday session (18 Oct 2014). I remember the market to be rather bearish and I was on the lookout for any potential opportunity for a trend reversal. As you can see from the chart, the price made lower low around $3 while RSI displayed a higher low, which suggests a potential trend reversal. I entered the market at $3.05 and exited the market at $3.22 in the box.

The analysis by fundamentalist further supported technical analysis by reiterating that Wilmar is undervalued. A few factors highlighted include the fact that it is involved in a well-diversified agri-business with a strong foothold in China and India. The company was also expected to make quarter-on-quarter recovery in its sugar and soybean-crushing operations. I would say that most of the time I use a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis in my trading philosophy.


My personal view on UOL Group Ltd is with hope for a market correction following a highly bullish season. Weekly MACD is bullish over the past few months and prices have soared tremendously. With overbought indication as evident in stochastic, I will take a wait and see approach with this in my watch list.