[NUS FOREX101 – Join us now!]

Have you been thinking about starting your own portfolio but do not know where to start from? Have you been wondering what FOREX trading is all about? Have you been always puzzled by the confusing charts and prices you see in stock exchanges?

Here’s the good news – our annual FOREX 101 is back again! Do join us and begin your trading journey by signing up today. All students also enjoy a discounted price of only $19.90!

FOREX 101 is an introductory workshop focusing on the basic aspects of FOREX trading. The workshop has been an annual event organized by students who are passionate about trading in FOREX from the NUS Investment Society since 2014. The workshop is non-commercial and non-profit in nature and aimed to impart financial and trading literacy to the participants and to assist them in kick starting their investing & trading journey.

The details of our event as follows:

Date:                                      Saturday, 26th August 2017

Time:                                     9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Venue:                                   NUS Business School LT18                                                                                                                    

FX101 main FX101 speakers


What you stand to gain from attending FOREX 101:

1) Experienced speakers teaching you practical trading strategies including following topics:

– Introduction to FOREX market

– Basics of Technical Analysis

– Trading Strategies

– Trading Psychology

– Money Management

– How to become a professional trader in an Investment Bank or Proprietary Fund

2) Well-organized study material

3) Experienced finance professionals offering networking opportunities

4) Professional traders sharing their career experiences

5) Free lunch

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at


for a day of meaningful discussion and networking with the experts.

For more information about the NUS FX101, send your questions to contact@nusinvest.com and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram.