The annual NUS Invest Recruitment Drive is back! Our application is officially open! We are now recruiting new members for AY19/20. We welcome anyone from any Year or Faculty to be part of our big family. Application will close on 23 August 2019. Do check out our Instagram (@nusinvest) and Facebook Page ( for exciting updates!

These are the departments with available positions:

  • Research – Equity Research (ER)
  • Research – Global Macro (GM)
  • Research – Quantitative Finance (QF)
  • Research – Fixed Income (FI)
  • Marketing & Communications (Marcomms)
  • Projects Management (PM)
  • Human Resource (HR)

Scroll down to find out more about the respective departments.

NUS Invest Poster

(Application Deadline: 23th August 2019, 2359h)

  1. Fill up the application form via the links below for the respective department you are applying for.
  2. Send your CV to the respective email address. It is advisable to prepare your CV in advance before filling up the application form.
  3. Please put your full name as the email and CV file title. E.g John Tan.pdf. The CV should be in PDF format.
  4. If selected for the following round, you will be contacted via email or phone for an interview with us.

Incomplete submission of application will not be considered for the position.

For any enquiries regarding recruitment, please send an email to and we will get back to you shortly.


Role Descriptions
Please refer below for department specific role descriptions.Departments