Academic Year 2018/2019

NUS-SGX Stock Pitch Challenge 2019

Attention all undergraduate students from the tertiary institutions in Singapore! NUS Investment Society would be collaborating with SGX to organize NUS-SGX Stock Pitch Challenge 2019!

The annual event gives bright undergraduates the opportunity to pitch a stock in a professional setting, and has been well sought after by students over the years. Similarly, it also aims to promote financial literacy and investment knowledge among student enthusiasts. It challenges teams of participants to prepare and present buy/sell/hold recommendations and defend these recommendations with enthusiastic vigor, along with academic rigor.

The timeline of the competition is as follows:
16th March: Information Session and Release of Stocks List
21st March: Submission of Stock Pitch Report (max 10 pages) by 12.30pm
27th March: Finals. 8 finalists would be shortlisted and given 10 mins to pitch their stock, followed by 10 mins Q&A
Form your group of 3/4 and sign up now at !!


Algo Trading Competition

Competition Details: Algo Trading Competition 2018.pdf
Official Competition Website:


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