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Non-Farm Payroll and Straddle Trading

If you are into FX trading, you should have heard of the non-farm payroll (NFP) report. This report is released on the first Friday of every month and it presents statistics indicating the total number of paid employees in US except those working in farms, government, private households or non-profit organizations. As such, the NFP report is seen as a direct reflection of the US economy as well as a forecast for future consumer spending since the buying power of people is directly linked to their earning ability. With such significance, the NFP report release often sets off huge movement in the FX market as the strength of greenbacks is directly related to the performance of the US economy.

The 2015 January NFP report was released one week ago on 6 Feb (Friday) at 9.30 pm Singapore time. After reviewing the price movement data on previous NFP data, I realized that the news release can set off a strong movement of up to 100 pips in one direction. As such, I decided to use a straddle trade strategy to capture this movement on the USDJPY pair. Using a 5-min chart (Figure 1 shows a 3-min chart to better display the price movements), I identified a resistance level at 117.37 region and a support level at 117.20 region. Next, I placed a buy stop order and a sell stop order simultaneously at 117.62 and 116.95 respectively, 25 pips above and below the support and resistance level identified. The stop loss was set at 15 pips below/above the pending orders as seen in Figure 1. Upon release of NFP report, the price broke out upwards by as much as 93 pips within a short 3-minute time period as seen in the long bullish candle below as US economy performed better in January 2015 as it added more jobs than expected. However, as I set my risk-to-reward ratio at 1:2, the order was closed at 117.90.

However, I do realize the risk of straddle trading as there are always chances of pending orders being wrongly triggered by whipsaws. That is why I set my pending orders as far as 25 pips away from the current support and resistance to reduce this risk.


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Technical Outlook – Wilmar International

To begin with, let’s review technical analysis on Wilmar International Ltd that I shared during a Saturday session (18 Oct 2014). I remember the market to be rather bearish and I was on the lookout for any potential opportunity for a trend reversal. As you can see from the chart, the price made lower low around $3 while RSI displayed a higher low, which suggests a potential trend reversal. I entered the market at $3.05 and exited the market at $3.22 in the box.

The analysis by fundamentalist further supported technical analysis by reiterating that Wilmar is undervalued. A few factors highlighted include the fact that it is involved in a well-diversified agri-business with a strong foothold in China and India. The company was also expected to make quarter-on-quarter recovery in its sugar and soybean-crushing operations. I would say that most of the time I use a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis in my trading philosophy.


My personal view on UOL Group Ltd is with hope for a market correction following a highly bullish season. Weekly MACD is bullish over the past few months and prices have soared tremendously. With overbought indication as evident in stochastic, I will take a wait and see approach with this in my watch list.


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Fundamental Analysis – Cordlife (buy) and Libra Group (buy)

This week, our Fundamental Analysis Department presents to you our equity research reports on Cordlife (Buy) by Team Healthcare and Libra Group (Buy) covered by Team Manufacturing!

Download our reports here:

Libra Group Equity Research Report 080215
Cordlife Equity Research Report 080215

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Stock Pitch Challenge 2015

SPC2015 poster.smaller

Visit our WEBSITE for more information.

You may register HERE!

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NUS Invest Fiesta

NUS Invest Fiesta Poster-1

NUS Invest Fiesta Poster-3
NUS Invest Fiesta Poster-2

NUS Invest Fiesta is a five-day event which aims to bring financial education to the student population in NUS and beyond. Through NUS Invest Fiesta, NUS Invest hopes to expose NUS students to the world of investing across the various asset classes, as well as educating students about opportunities in the banking and finance industry. There would also be opportunities to network with professionals during the event.

DAY 1, 13th October , Monday

The first day would be a talk about investor psychology by Mr. Melvin Tan, a Vice President from Maybank Kim Eng Securities.

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DAY 2, 14th October, Tuesday

Dummies Guide to Investing on Tuesday aims to help kick-start one’s investment journey in Stocks and Forex. The session will be conducted by Spencer Li, an investor and trainer who became financially free at the age of 27.  Our very own NUS Invest Research Analysts, Ang Kar Yong (TAFX Director) and Xu Meng (FA Research Analyst), will also be sharing on their investing experiences.

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DAY 3, 15th October, Wednesday

On the third day, we are proud to have Mr. Chang Tou Chen, Managing Director and the Head of Banking of South East Asia for HSBC, to give a sharing on a career in banking and the market outlook of the region. Tim Bassett, who was previously a Portfolio Manager in Millennium Capital Management, will accompany Mr. Chang on the third day to speak about give an introduction to Fixed Income.

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DAY 4, 16th October, Thursday

We are glad to invite Mr Kevin Gin, CFA, Director of Alpha Capital Pte Ltd to give an Introduction to Alternative Investments, with a focus on Real Estate. Representatives from the CFA Society will also do a sharing on the CFA Programme and the array of career opportunities available for a CFA holder.

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DAY 5, 17th October, Friday

The final day of the NUS Invest Fiesta will be a Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) facilitated by Bloomberg Campus Ambassadors. Participants of the BAT Test will also be presented with the opportunity to register for and gain priority placement for an exclusive Corporate Visit to the Bloomberg office on the 28th of October.

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FOREX 101 Workshop

FX101 front

FX101 back

Forex 101 is an introductory public workshop organised by NUS Investment Society focusing on the basics and fundamentals of FX trading. Currently in its second year, Forex101 will feature both Research Analysts from NUS Invest, as well as Kelvin Wong, a professional technical analyst from City Index. The aim of this workshop is to impart financial and trading literacy to anyone who is interested in FX, and to assist them in kick starting their trading journey. Prices are inclusive of lunch buffet and notes.

Date: 23rd August 2014, Saturday

Time: 9.30am – 5pm (including 1 hour lunch break)

Venue: NUS Business School LT18

Click here to sign up now!

For more information on the speakers and content, please visit or contact Kar Yong at

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Sunday Times (Yvonne Chua)

Yvonne Chua, President (12th Management Committee) featured on Sunday Times.

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Money Mind (Jeremy Ang)

Jeremy Ang, External Vice President (11th Management Committee) featured on Money Mind.

Click here for the interview.

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Money Mind (Ang Kar Yong)

Ang Kar Yong, TA Director (12th Management Committee) featured on Money Mind.

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Singapore Investment Week 2014

The 3rd Singapore Investment Week 2014 is marked to happen from 17- 24 May 2014 at NTUC Auditorium with more engaging topics that concerns Singaporeans. The week-long campaign with the theme “Investing for a Secure Retirement” will consist of 2-day investment seminars, investment workshops and online activities which aim to educate Singaporeans who are in their different life stages.


SIAS recognizes that many Singaporeans are still not investing because of either the lack of knowledge or fear. Given that there is a wide range of investment products available, some investors are confused in choosing the appropriate investment products to suit their needs, and majority of them are still reluctant to take a leap in investing. Therefore, the Singapore Investment Week is a MUST attend eventas attendees will take away insightful knowledge on the importance of investing to achieve financial freedom towards andduring retirement. To view the programme and to get to know the speakers, visit


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