Research (Equity Research) Department

The Equity Research (ER) department seeks to share knowledge and equity analysis in the global equities market. FA analysts will serve to provide quality reports on stocks and industries to add value to subscribers. The department also aims to kick start its first ever virtual fund management to allow NUS Invest students to learn and transit to the finance world through experimenting and sharing investment ideas.

Research (Global Macro) Department

The Global Macro (GM) department was established to provide a platform for both students and the community to share and discuss trading knowledge, trade management and global macro economic trends which includes the Forex market, central bank policies. GM aims to encourage students to expand and deepen their trading literacy through workshops, weekly research meetings, and various networking events.

Research (Quantitative Finance) Department

The Quantitative Finance (QF) department seeks to explore quantitative investment and algorithmic trading strategies, grounded in mathematics and statistics. More academically-inclined, we keep ourselves at the forefront of academic research whilst conducting our very own in-house research. Away from the ivory tower, a strong emphasis on implementation equips our members with knowledge and skills employed by industry professionals today.

Research (Fixed Income) Department

The Fixed Income (FI) department seeks to Perform fundamental Credit Research on established issuers across the corporate debt universe and to supplement it by relative valuation analysis. Also, the FI department would obtain a comprehensive overview of the Asian fixed income universe through recent case studies and provide analysis of new credit issuance and apply relevant concepts to publish a credit research report.

Project Management (PM) Department

The Project Management (PM) Department aims to bring NUS Invest to the forefront of imparting financial education to the student population in NUS and beyond. By connecting external companies and budding student investors through organising a wide variety of events, we hope to create a productive platform for the sharing of investment knowledge and expertise, and establish strong networks with the industry professionals.

Human Resource (HR) Department

The Human Resource (HR) department is in charge of constructing and executing policies that enhance our members’ welfare, including but not limited to bonding activities, celebrations, appraisals and rewards. Valuing our Alumni, it is also our priority to foster and maintain strong connections with them, bringing in industry knowledge into the Society and forging a stronger network for our members and the club. We also seek to administrate the Society’s Recruitment Drive and relevant events to bring in the best individuals to join us.

Marketing & Communications (Marcomms) Department

The Marketing and Communications (Marcomms) department aims to bring NUS Invest to greater heights by marketing our brand name to external parties. Marcomms actively collaborates with industry professionals of increasing influence to give both internal members and the student community insights to the finance world. Through utmost determination and passion, we serve to spearhead marketing efforts and promotion of events to help the Society achieve its goals and vision.