NUS Investment Society is honoured to have Professor Lee Hon Sing, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Finance Department, as our Club Advisor.

Advisor’s Message

Professor Lee Hon Sing

Lee Hon Sing
Senior Lecturer
Deputy Head, Department of Finance

Financial literacy has become so important in Singapore that it is necessary knowledge not only to finance majors, but to everyone.

Its importance is at least three-fold. Firstly, it enables one to budget one’s expenses properly and financially for retirement. Secondly, it enables one to help loved ones through their financial difficulties. Thirdly, it protects one from investing in wrong instruments such as potential toxic assets and Ponzi Schemes. Therefore it is indeed fortunate that there is the NUS Investment Society which champions financial literacy for everyone in NUS. Through peer learning, invited industry speaker sessions, simulation games, field trips and newsletter publications, members pick up financial literacy in a fun but relevant way, and at the same time build up fellowship among their cohort. Investment mistakes are bound to occur for beginners, it is least damaging when the beginner is still a student and involving not real money but through simulations and dialogues.

In the past year it war heart-warming to see yet another batch of passionate management committee coming together to organize numerous beneficial activities to enhance financial literacy. I saw growth not only in technical knowhow, but also in leadership, maturity, proactiveness, and ethics awareness. The ‘return’ for the individual in IRR terms was immeasurable. I also saw the cohort graduating with wonderful friendship and fellowship which I am sure would last them a life time especially through their life challenges ahead. Looking forward, I have no doubt that the Society would simple be better and better at their programs, much to the benefit of the NUS community.