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Nicklaus is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) degree with a specialisation in Finance and is currently in the third year of his undergraduate studies with the school. Nicklaus began his investment journey by reading books and taking finance courses prior to university. He currently manages his own portfolio of investments and aspires to be a Data Scientist in finance. As President, he strives to improve the skills and business acumen of the incoming analysts and equip them with the skills required to excel in a rapidly changing working environment. Beyond mere technical knowledge, he resolves to foster a strong community of investors whom can share their knowledge and grow together in their personal development.


Vice President (Research)

Kaustubh is a third-year Business Analytics student at NUS School of Computing. Curious by nature, he constantly seeks to analyse the drivers of the financial markets and dive into the fundamental changes in the world. He also takes avid interest in expressing these views through products varying in complexity, from simple spot trades to exotic options. He firmly believes that the key to success in Finance is to remain hungry for knowledge, and to constantly seek to learn. As the Vice President (Head of Research), and as someone who has been involved in the society within Quantitative Finance as well as Project Management, Kaustubh welcomes students from all backgrounds to join the society – “if you have the drive and the passion, we have a spot for you”.


Vice President (Operations)

Kenny is a third-year undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in NUS specializing in Finance. His strong foundation in photography, video editing and design, together with a keen interest in investment & finance, motivated him to join NUS Investment Society. As an executive of Marcomms during his year one, he actively participated in research activities in the society and even has his own trades. He believes that even the best idea requires effective marketing and branding to succeed and recognises the power of new media in spreading ideas. As the Marketing and Communications Director, he wants to brand Investment Society as a versatile and dynamic club whereby even non-research students will be able to have strong finance related understanding and is also capable to handle their own investments. Currently, as VP of operations, he wishes to continue serving the society with his 2 years experience in this club and provide the best interest for the members.


Vice President (External)

Ian is a third-year undergraduate from the NUS Business School with a keen interest in understanding the markets. As someone who appreciates the fast and dynamic nature of the markets, he joined NUS invest since the start of his university education. As Vice President (External), he aims to build a refined brand image for the club and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with banks and financial institutions. Also, he hopes to create networking and learning opportunities to expand the financial literacy of NUS Invest members.


Research Director (Equity Research)

Sean is a second-year business student pursuing a specialization in Finance. He started his investment journey in his early teens, and has been passionate about the financial markets ever since. Sean is also an active investor and manages a personal portfolio of equities. He is a firm believer in the merits of conducting fundamental analysis to generate alpha, and thoroughly enjoys navigating the diverse viewpoints of the markets to find actionable investment ideas. As Equity Research Director, he looks forward to leading the next batch of equity research analysts in producing industry-grade research reports across the various sectors of coverage, and seeks to impart in them the core competencies that will elevate their understanding and analysis of equities.


Research Director (Global Macro)

Steven is a second year business administration student with a specialization in finance and a second major in economics. He is currently pursuing a career in investment management or investment banking. His experience as a Global Macro analyst and as a private equity intern at Mandala Capital has allowed him to hone his ability in identifying investment opportunities. In the upcoming academic year, Steven is hoping to maintain the quality of semi-annual macroeconomic reports which will cover fifteen countries from four different regions as well as four commodities. In his free time, Steven enjoys playing football.


Rish Mahadevan
Research Director (Quantitative Finance)

Rishi Mahadevan is a second-year undergraduate pursuing a major in Computer Engineering. He is interested in understanding markets by following market headlines and commentaries and writing python programs that try to scout value stocks based on their ratios. He is more interested in the macro pictures of the economy and in long term strategies, especially in the equities market. Being an analytical and logical thinker with a strong foundation in computational thinking and mathematics, he is particularly interested in the area of algorithmic trading. As the director of Quantitative Finance research department, Rishi Mahadevan hopes to establish a close-knitted quantitative finance community in which members would receive adequate trainings from industry professionals and at the same time work on their interested research topics, sharing knowledge and exchange ideas.


Fixed Income Director (Fixed Income)

Ryan is a third-year Business School student, specialising in finance. He was exposed to the fast-paced and dynamic world of the financial markets prior to university through his investing journey, mainly in equities. After completing a few internships related to fixed income, he started the Fixed Income Department as a way to establish a community of like-minded individuals that share similar interests in learning more about Fixed Income and the financial markets in general while building a close-knit network where members can share their knowledge and learn from each other.


Project Management Director

Shaun is a second-year Information Systems student at NUS School of Computing, specialising in Financial Technology. His entry into the world of investing and finance began when he was mining cryptocurrency as a side hobby. During the crypto boom (followed by the impending bursting of the bitcoin bubble), he quickly realised that there is a pressing need to educate and improve the financial literacy of the masses. As the Project Management Director this year, he takes a keen interest in acquiring more knowledge about the different financial asset classes and providing opportunities for people to network with industry professionals to enhance their understanding of the finance industry.


Jing Kai
Marketing & Communications Director

Jing Kai is a second year undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in NUS. His keen interest in investment & finance motivated him to join NUS Investment Society when he was a freshman. He strongly believes that for a brand to be successful and well-received by the public, effective marketing is of paramount importance. As the Marketing and Communications Director, he hopes to increase the influence and outreach of NUS Invest and bring NUS Invest to greater heights.

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Human Resource Director

Gwennie is a second-year undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration, specialising in finance. Intrigued by the world of finance and the many players in the finance sector, she made the decision to join the NUS Investment Society with the goal of expanding her knowledge on finance and investing. Taking on the role of the Human Resource Director of the Society, Gwennie strives to improve the welfare of all members within the society by executing policies and organizing events that serve to be beneficial to the NUS Invest population by having the members’ best interests at heart.Moving forward, she envisions a close-knitted, all-inclusive community within the Society where students from diverse backgrounds come together to engage in intellectual discussions, as well as to forge close friendships with one another during their time in university.