Sagar is a third-year Business (Finance) student who began his investing journey before entering university. As someone who appreciates the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the markets, he began on the foreign exchange spot market before expanding to global equities and indices. He firmly believes that the crux of remaining profitable in the market not only lies in seizing the right opportunities but also managing risks well. As President, and as someone who has been part of NUS Invest since the start of his university education, he hopes to foster a community that develops skill-sets relevant for their career and form a network of like-minded individuals that is able to enjoy the ever-changing world of investments.

Vice President (Research)

Arka is a second-year Engineering student who began investing in derivatives such as options and futures, especially commodity futures before entering university. He believes in taking calculated risks while he is still young to prevent making the same mistakes in future. He strongly believes that good investments come from great research. And in this age, great research is about knowing where to look and what to listen to. He also that we should learn more and take risks so as to capitalise on the opportunities others are too scared to pursue. As a vice president of research, he wants to elevate the standard of research within the society to build up the members to reach the standards of investment professionals. Additionally, through the introduction of our own Student Managed Fund, he aims for ideal asset allocation through the diverse research from the different departments.

Vice President (Operations)

Ian is a second-year undergraduate from the NUS Business School. Having previously served as Vice President of the Nanyang Polytechnic Investment Club, Ian went on to join NUS Invest as a Global Macro Analyst in his first year and took part in producing reports after conducting a top down approach analysis. He has also completed internships in renowned financial institution both locally and overseas such as Citi (Singapore) and Ping An Securities (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China). As Vice President (External), he heads Human Resource, Marketing and Communication as well as Project Management departments. He aims to work closely with the three external departments to build a refined brand image for the club and to actively source networking and learning opportunities to expand the financial literacy of his departments and the rest of NUS Invest members.

Vice President (Fund & Relations)

Mayreshh is a third year Chemical Engineering student who is also concurrently enrolled in the University Scholars Programme and a minor in Financial Mathematics. He is keenly interested in the financial markets and all things macro. His past working experiences at the G10 Rates Trading desk at Standard Chartered Bank and Iron Ore Spot Trading desk at BHP has refined his approach to trading and to the financial markets in general. As Vice President (Fund & Relations) he strives to develop a dynamic model – driven portfolio alongside NUS Investment Society’s research analysts and maintain strategic relationships with key stakeholders.

Yu Chong
Research Director (Equity Research)

Yu Chong is in his sophomore year at NUS Business School, specializing in Finance. His interest in investing and the financial markets was ignited in his early teens, stemming from an online game which featured a trading system akin to the stock market. He has been following the financial markets avidly since then, always curious to learn more about the world of finance and investing. Yu Chong believes that the greatest investment of all time is an intangible one — an investment in knowledge itself. As Equity Research Director, he hopes to build the skills and knowledge of incoming analysts and impart in them the same passion he has for finance and the financial markets.

Research Director (Global Macro)

Donovan is a second-year business student specializing in Finance. He has a keen interest in understanding the financial markets, preferring to take a top down macro approach to it. He believes that macro trends are relevant to all asset classes from equities to bonds and seeks to continue learning more through various resources. He envisions the society to be a community where passionate and like-minded individual can come together and share their knowledge and provide a platform for everyone to grow.

Jiang Yue
Research Director (Quantitative Finance)

Jiang Yue is a third-year undergraduate pursuing a major in Quantitative Finance under the Faculty of Science, with a minor in computer science. During her course of study, she has developed a keen interest in understanding markets by following market headlines and commentaries. As compared to the short-term market reactions, she is more interested in the macro pictures of the economy. Being an analytical and logical thinker with a strong foundation in mathematics, she is particularly interested in the area of algorithmic trading. As the director of Quantitative Finance research department, Jiang Yue hopes to establish a close-knitted quantitative finance community in which members could work on their interested research topics, sharing knowledge and exchange ideas.

Jia Xuan
Project Management Director

Jia Xuan is a second-year undergraduate specialising in Finance at the National University of Singapore. He actively seeks to improve his financial literacy by reading up on relevant content and learning from like-minded peers. As project management director this year, he intends to spread financial literacy to the masses through organising events and also providing opportunities for people to network with industry professionals to enhance their understanding of the finance industry.

Marketing & Communications Director

Kenny is a second-year undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in NUS specializing in Finance. His strong foundation in photography, video editing and design, together with a keen interest in investment & finance, motivated him to join NUS Investment Society. As an executive of Marcomms during his year one, he actively participated in research activities in the society and even has his own trades. He believes that even the best idea requires effective marketing and branding to succeed and recognises the power of new media in spreading ideas. As the Marketing and Communications Director, he wants to brand Investment Society as a versatile and dynamic club whereby even non-research students will be able to have strong finance related understanding and is also capable to handle their own investments.

Human Resource Director

Karan is a second-year undergraduate student in the NUS Business School majoring in Accountancy. He strongly believes that anyone and everyone should possess basic financial literacy. His keen interest in the financial markets and bubbly personality eventually led him to take on the role of the Human Resource (HR) Director. He aims to provide a holistic experience for his team of executives by allowing them to learn to handle HR matters and also to be exposed to the world of finance.