Established in 2003, National University of Singapore Investment Society (“NUS Invest”) is the only conglomeration of student investment enthusiasts throughout the faculties of the university. NUS Invest is a student initiative that provides the key platform for NUS students and other student investment enthusiasts to unite and expand their financial and investment knowledge.

NUS Invest aims to provide the key platform that facilitates exchange of knowledge and provide growth opportunities for the development of students dedicated to pursuing a career in the business world. Understanding that the finance and investment world is ever-evolving and that knowledge is boundless, it is the Society’s emphasis to nurture dedicated students who are determined to excel in this industry by empowering them with the relevant skills and knowledge valued by qualified professionals as well as providing the opportunities to build connections.

At NUS Invest, our members also understand that it is not all about personal growth and that there is a commitment to contribute to our society and university. We are dedicated to raising financial literacy and providing premier investor education to all student investment enthusiasts, understanding that it is crucial for students to start early and acquire the knowledge and skills to manage finances, make prudent investments and plan for future needs.


  • To be a globally recognized investment club dedicated to providing premier investor education and honing talented students for the investment and finance world.
  • Mission

  • To promote financial literacy and investment knowledge among student investment enthusiasts
  • To create networking opportunities and interactions between industry professionals and students
  • To empower students dedicated to pursuing a career in finance with skills valued in the industry, including the use of financial and analytics software
  • To nurture our members by providing the ideal environment and opportunities for the growth and succession of the skills and knowledge in their departments

The NUS Investment Society is registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore.(https://app.ros.gov.sg/ui/index/index.aspx). It is formed by students of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a self-governing body. NUS Investment Society is not part of the legal entity of NUS. It does not represent NUS and cannot act or make any representation on its behalf. Any views or activities of NUS Investment Society are solely those of the society and its members. They do not necessarily represent the position of NUS. The activities and views of NUS Investment Society are the sole responsibilities of the society and of its members.