Last Friday NFP data were positive, sending the dollar further up north. The 95.00 to 95.20 level currently serves as a resistance. We do have a potential Bat pattern setting up around that region too. For traders who wish to look for shorting opportunity on the Dollar Index, keep an eye on the 95.00 – 95.20 region.


Looking at the most traded pair – EURUSD, we do have a potential setup this coming week too.

Price has completed a double top divergence setup. We can wait for a 2618 setup around the 1.4120 level to ride on a trend continuation trade.

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On GBPUSD, we have two ways of potentially trading it. Price has currently found support at the level with RSI oversold. Trading looking for a trend continuation setup can potentially wait for a completed double bottom divergence to buy into the market.

For counter-trend trader, there is a completed double top divergence. Wait for a 2618 setup around the 1.5295 level to short on the market.

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